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Welcome to the world where dreams come true!

This is my personal blog where I write about my life, lolita fashion, DIY tutorials and lots of other stuff. If you’re a fan of lolita or another kawaii fashion, just follow my blog ^__^ 

About me…
My name is Veronika but in my comm I’m mostly known as Yuki. I’m from the Czech Republic, a lolita fashion fan and a creative person who writes this blog. Lolita fashion came into my life in 2012! I usually wear Gothic and Classic. A few words about my personality. I’m unpredictable sometimes… You can know me as a loud smiling person and on the other hand, I`m very quiet sad-looking melancholic. Both those faces are me. I’m also a big dreamer. It’s a good thing, sometimes… or a straight way to hell! Lolita fashion is for many years a big part of my life and one of my most precious hobbies *__*

It’s a small Czech indie brand that was created some years ago, maybe in 2012 when I started to write this blog? I’m not 100% sure, to be honest… At first, it wasn’t a brand at all. I wanted to wear lolita clothing but for me as a student, it was quite expensive. And this was the impulse that forced me to learn how to sew. I wanted to sew only for myself but after some time my blog started to grow, more readers appeared and the question was there – “Hey, could you sew a skirt for me? Do you do commissions?” I wasn’t happy with the quality of my work because I am no seamstress with no special seamstress school. I’ve learned to sew all by myself. But after a few months, the name SleepingDoll became the name of my small indie brand, not only the name of that blog. And it is still in these days…


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