Small Interview with Milkyfawn

Hello my lovely readers! ^__^
Do you know Milkyfawn?  You can see her in the videos by Deerstalker Pictures.
I love her style and I’m fan of her blog, so it was a big honor for me *__*  to do this interview!
More about her is in my article My lolita idols.
And now, let’s start with questions and answers! <3

Zdravím mí drazí čtenáři! :3
Znáte Milkyfawn? Už jsem se o ní zmínila v článku My lolita idols. Pokud jste ho četli, nemusím připomínat, že je to sweet lolita ze Sydney v Austrálii a jistě jste ji viděli ve videích od DeerstalkerPictures. 
Jelikož jsem její fanynka a naprosto zbožňuji její blog, byla pro mě obrovská pocta udělat s ní toto interview a byla jsem z toho opravdu nervózní >___<
Vrhněme se tedy na otázky a odpovědi!! *w*

1.How long do you wear lolita?

I’ve followed lolita fashion for a number of years now through fashion blogging, magazines and popular culture, but have only actively been a lolita for a little over five years now. It’s definitely turned into a lifestyle for me and I love it!

2.Your favourite sweets?

My favourite sweets are definitely cronuts and any sort of french pastries. I really can’t choose because as soon as I see something sweet I want it in my belly.

3.You have a lot of lolita clothes. Which print is your favourite?

My favourite prints are obviously anything chocolate themed! I love the Melty Royal Chocolate series as well as all of the later similar prints. I also love Melty Cream Donut, Petite Patisserie and all of the other food related prints!

4.Do you have some handmade stuffs?

I have hand made things that my friends have made me and I love them. Believe me if I could sew I would probably own and wear so much more of it.

5. Some lolitas think that no wig means ita. What do you think about it?

Man, I basically rarely wear wigs unless it’s for an over the top coordinate or for a special occasion. I’m all about the natural hair because it’s much more comfortable and easily styled. Also having styling your own hair shows you take a lot of pride in it and that’s awesome. I don’t think that anybody should be considered an ita because they want to use hair that is actually attached to their head instead.

6.Do you wear lolita fashion only at meet ups or is it a part of your normal clothing?

I try and wear lolita as much as I can, but sometimes I’m just too lazy or it’s an inappropriate thing to wear to that occasion. Usually I just wear otome kei if it’s a more casual occasion. I also follow a lot of Harajuku street and j-fashion quite closely as well so when I’m not in lolita I like to wear a lot of outfits inspired by that (unless it’s my day off then I go super hobo and run around in my pyjamas all day)

7.Is lolita fashion your hobby or are you a lifestyler?

This fashion has definitely become not only a hobby and a collectors interest, but a huge part of my life. A lot of the things I wear and do are based around it – but I’ve always loved fashion to begin with and you have to remember it’s just clothes! It doesn’t change who you are, it just means you like expressing yourself artistically through clothing.

Thank you so much Milkyfawn for this nice interview! ♥
Děkuji Milkyfawn za tak skvělé interview a v dalším článku napočtenou! ♥


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